Demo Reel 2017

Selection of my best work


SSE 'Pier'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Senior Animator

00:02 -00:16

Responsible for the animation of the oranguntan'Maya', on these shots.

The challenge for the animation on this project was to create a CG version of the orangutan that looked completely real but also to bring emotion and personality with all the limitations on the expression that the real animal have. I used footage material of real orangutans as reference for a natural and realistic body movement. But the challenge was to find subtle details on the facial animation, especially on the eyes and head moves, on shots where she is really close to camera and barely moves.

 SSE 'Neon House'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Senior/Lead Animator


Animation of the baby orangutan, 'Pixel'.

To see other shots I did on this project see the breakdown section.

Smithwicks 'Squirrel'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Animator

00:19 - 00:30

Animation of the squirrel.

The aim of this project was to make the squirrel's performance to look as realistic as possible but at the same time to show personality and determination on the actions, as it is doing things that a real squirrel wouldn't do. I tried to find a balance between character and realism.

Emerson 'Wolf''

Company: The Mill New York

Role: Animator


This is a full CG shot. I was responsible for the animation of the wolf and the composition of the shot.

I worked on the camera and the layout of the background elements to build the scene following the director's guidelines.

Blue Cross 'Survive'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Lead Animator


I did the animation of the cat (the dog is live action).

On this project we had to integrate CG animals with live action footage of real ones. More on breakdown.

Chemical Brothers 'Wide Open'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Animator


Body track cleanup. This was a very special project that I had the chance to help with at a late stage. I worked on the videoclip section where she is fully CG already.

It is NOT keyframe animation, but I had to reconstruct and cleanup some parts of the sequence by hand where the body track was not working. I was not the only animator working on this section, I did cleanup passes but we had to divide the work even per body parts in specific sections. See the full sequence on the breakdown page.

Rynkeby 'Orangutan Dance'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Animator/Lead


Full body keyframe animation of the orangutan. For this project we used a video reference of an actor that was recorded on set. No motion capture was used. More of this project on breakdown.

Mars 'Celebrations'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Senior Animator/Lead


Animation of the christmas tree decoration characters.

This was a very charming project. These decorations are trying to reach the chocolate box at the bottom of the christmas tree, but when the man comes in they have to freeze and hold each other tightly not to fall down. The challenge on this section of the commercial was to make these characters look straining and and alive while they almost have no expression and the movement is very limited. See the commercial here.

Legoland 'Awesome awaits'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Lead Animator

I worked and all the animation (pirate, rope, car, dragon) of this shot except for the lego waterfalls and other elements on the background which were done with simulation. The challenge of this shot was to measure the timing of the pirate character, the speed of the car and the real camera move.


CG characters. See more of my shots on this project on the breakdown section.

Animation Test 'Planet 51'

Company: Ilion Animation Studios

Role: Junior animator

This is a test I did during the production of the film 'Planet 51'. I took an audio clip that was discarded from the film and used it to make up this scene.

Range Rover 'Accelerator'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Animator

Full CG sequence.

On the wide shot (the aerial view) the stampede was generated with a simulation by using about six different run cycles that I did beforehand. But then another animator worked on a few specific ones to add more diversity.

On the second shot I worked and all the animation. I built the scene with my own run cycles, and then I animated the hero ones.

Opel 'Racing faces'

Company: The Mill London

Role: Senior Animator

All shots are full CG. I did all the animation for these characters (the fan shot it's just added for continuity)

This was a very fun project to work on.  I was involved from the early stages doing the layout and cameras up to the final animation. To see all my shots on this project see breakdown.

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